About Centre Stage Uniforms………...

Centre Stage has been set up and owned by Martin Gernon, a business professional with a pedigree in textiles  and overseas sourcing, as well as a lifelong player and supporter of brass bands.

As far back as I can remember I have been involved in brass bands, and currently play with and Chairman of the world famous Fairey (Geneva) Band. As such I understand only too well the financial restraints that are on all bands in the UK at present.

Falling concert and commercial revenues combined with rising costs makes it difficult for many bands to make ends meet.

Uniforms are one of the biggest expenses to bands. Prices charged by the current UK supplier base are very high, to be polite! This is where Centre Stage makes a huge impact. We want bands to look great, without it costing the earth! Look good, play good!

My business background is in textiles and textile production, particularly from the Far East where I have spent many years on sourcing quality products. It seemed to me, therefore, perfect sense to utilise my sourcing skills to fill a    particular need in the UK for low cost, high quality uniforms that are delivered on time and correct.

I have therefore set up our own specialised production facility in Hong Kong to service uniform requirements of UK bands, but at overseas pricing.

The business model is correct—high quality fabrics and production, with a low cost base and the low overhead benefit of overseas production, combined with exceptional customer service and guaranteed lead times.

It will be our pleasure, as well as our honour, to dress your band to the very highest standard and to the very best of our ability .

As such, I look forward to discussing your requirements with you and ensuring we deliver to you fantastic new uniforms at a price that will make your treasurer very happy!

With best regards for your band’s continued success.



Martin Gernon, Managing Director